1. Decide what colors you want for the text. Also, pick which font you wish to use. (You can find available colors and fonts listed below.)

2. Comment in the comments with something like the following:

I would like my signature as: (in ‘this color’ and ‘this font’) Diana Chen (in ‘this color’ and ‘this font’) ~ (in ‘this color’ and ‘this font’) Jean Tsuentana

3. Next, just wait. If there are people before you, theirs will be done first. Just wait patiently and it will get done as soon as we can.

Coders: Roxygirl1090

Colors & Fonts:

Pick a custom color here.

See X11 color names here.

Please come here to find fonts, (Note not all can work)

How to enable the signature

Go to your preferences, scroll down to "Signature", and paste the code to the "Custom signature" box. Then click the "I want to use wikitext in my signature" checkbox. Remember to save your changes. If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact Roxygirl1090.